Pools: Style Without Sacrificing Safety

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Pools: Style Without Sacrificing Safety

Hi, my name is Katrina, and I have always had a pool. My parents had one when I was growing up, I have lived in apartment complexes with pools, and I currently have a pool in my yard. Through the years, I have paid close attention to how people position their pools, the designs they select and the fences they use. Personally, I am not a fan of super industrial looking or boring fences and pool designs. Instead, I like to see creative and beautiful ideas, and achieving a stylish pool is possible. Worried that it will disrupt your safety? Well, it wont. This blog has all kind of tips on achieving pool style without giving up on safety. Enjoy swimming in style!

Signs Your Pool Needs Cleaning Services

Having a swimming pool in your property can improve property aesthetics and increase your home's value. Nevertheless, you can only enjoy these benefits if your pool is in good condition. Therefore, performing pool maintenance frequently is essential. One of the essential pool maintenance practices is pool cleaning. But, knowing when to clean the pool may not always be predictable. Here are indicators that you require a pool service to clean your pool.

Dirty Water

Dirt may accumulate in your pool over time, causing water discoloration. For instance, dust accumulation and rust formation may cause the browning of water. In contrast, green water is an indication of algae growth in your pool. Also, cloudy water may signify a clogged filtration system that can't eliminate contaminants. A pool service has the right cleaning equipment and experience to eliminate dust and debris. The service may also engage in algae removal to restore the water's clear state.

Foam or Bubbles

When you notice bubbles or foam collecting on the top or edges of the water, this could be due to bacteria buildup. Also, the foaming and bubbling may occur due to contaminants such as soaps and lotions that cause chemical imbalance. Moreover, clogged filters contribute to contaminant accumulation in the pool, resulting in high surface tension. In return, bubbles that don't pop form. In such cases, you need a pool service to clean your entire pool and get rid of all the contaminants in the water, usually using chemicals.


A dirty pool provides an excellent breeding ground for pests such as mosquitoes and bugs. These pests may crawl or swim around the pool, negatively affecting your swimming experience. The pests may multiply with time, and you may need to call a pest eradication service, which is costly. In this regard, perform pool cleaning when you notice pests in your pool before they multiply.

Strong Chlorine Odor

Chlorine is a common water purification chemical with a distinct smell that pool owners use. However, your pool should have a mild chlorine odor. If you notice a strong chlorine smell, your pool needs cleaning. This means that the chlorine levels in the pool aren't sufficient to get rid of contaminants like urine and bacteria in the water. In return, your pool may experience a pH imbalance. Thus, you require a pool service to eliminate the contaminants and the strong chlorine smell.

The common signs that you need pool cleaning include pests, dirty water, foam or bubbles, and a strong chlorine smell. Consider hiring a pool service when you see these indicators.

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