Pools: Style Without Sacrificing Safety

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Pools: Style Without Sacrificing Safety

Hi, my name is Katrina, and I have always had a pool. My parents had one when I was growing up, I have lived in apartment complexes with pools, and I currently have a pool in my yard. Through the years, I have paid close attention to how people position their pools, the designs they select and the fences they use. Personally, I am not a fan of super industrial looking or boring fences and pool designs. Instead, I like to see creative and beautiful ideas, and achieving a stylish pool is possible. Worried that it will disrupt your safety? Well, it wont. This blog has all kind of tips on achieving pool style without giving up on safety. Enjoy swimming in style!

Fiberglass Pool Installation Guide To Help Design Your Summer Outdoor Oasis

If you are looking for an affordable option for an inground pool, fiberglass pools give you a lot of options. When you have a fiberglass pool installed, you want to plan the project to ensure you get the custom design you want. There are also things to consider to prevent problems after the new pool is installed. The following fiberglass pool installation guide will help you create the custom outdoor oasis you want:

Choosing the Location for the Fiberglass Pool

The location of your pool is an important step in the planning process. To keep the costs down, you want to try to reduce the amount of plumbing and wiring that needs to be installed for the pool. There are other factors to consider to ensure you don't have problems with the fiberglass shell, such as excavations and terrain elevations. Some factors to consider for your pool's location include:

  • Access to the pool area
  • Elevations of the terrain 
  • Utility and pool equipment installations

Therefore, choosing the right location can have an impact on the costs of a fiberglass pool installation. Sometimes, extra costs for excavations and location are worth the investment to ensure your pool is protected from damage.

Excavating and Preparing a Base for the Pool

Excavations are another important step in the process of installing a fiberglass inground pool. Backfilling the pool is one of the most challenging tasks during the installation. Things you want to do during the excavations to protect your pool from damage, including:

  • Take advantage of natural downhill elevations
  • Install retaining walls to reduce stress on the pool walls
  • Compact the base before the shell is installed
  • Use gravel to backfill the pool and prevent problems

The fiberglass shell of your pool will be less likely to have problems if there is no soil pressing against the pool's sides.

Installing the Plumbing and Equipment for the Pool

The plumbing of the fiberglass pool needs to begin during the excavation stage. This is because components like drains are installed beneath the fiberglass shell. There are other things that you will want to consider for plumbing a fiberglass pool, including:

  • Strap the plumbing to the pool to prevent settling
  • Use the correct fittings designed for fiberglass pool installations
  • Test for leaks before backfilling

Proper fiberglass pool plumbing installations will prevent problems with leaks and other issues that need to be repaired.

Completing the Pool, Deck Areas, and Extra Features

The final phases of the fiberglass pool installation include finishing touches to the pool, installation of equipment, and finishing the pool deck area. There are also extra features and custom design details that can be added to your pool at this stage. If you plan to install a hot tub spa area, you may want to use a shell with it integrated into the pool or use a separate fiberglass unit. Other custom pool design features can be added with additional fiberglass units, such as water features like waterfalls or custom stairs.

A fiberglass pool can be an affordable solution to create a custom outdoor oasis for summer. If you are ready to start installing your pool, contact a fiberglass pool service to start planning the project before summer.